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“Kiddy’s approach and style is robust, grounded and evidenced based. What most impressed me, however, was the strength of their commitment to us.”

Global Head of Leadership Development


    Logica wanted to introduce a high-impact assessment process to identify new Partners. We designed a benchmarked process which we delivered across Europe. As a result, Logica put in place high quality development plans for all those who went through the process, and those who entered the Partnership had a renewed emphasis on their development.

    The process provided the Board with high visibility of the leadership pipeline and the information has informed Logica’s approach to Leadership Development.

  • Client Needs

    An assessment process was required with high credibility in a range of locations that would provide an appropriate level of challenge for Logica’s leaders. The outcome was robust decisions about entry to the Partner Programme, along with detailed and motivating development plans for all.

    Logica wanted a clear view of how its leaders compared to those in other organisations, both within and outside their sector. Furthermore, the process was intended to reinforce Logica’s Employee and Client Value Propositions, in order to embed the behaviours across this key population.

  • Our Approach

    We assessed individual leaders using a combination of business simulation, psychometrics and interview.

    We incorporated a panel interview by Exco members to include the internal perspective and detailed reports were prepared with clear recommendations about entry to the Partnership and development needed.

    Feedback to individuals was provided by a Kiddy consultant based in the participants’ own country to ensure the process was not culturally biased. A Board report was then prepared and presented which included an analysis of the group’s performance and recommendations about development.


The process was perceived as thorough and fair, with particular value being placed on the quality of feedback and development plans. Even individuals who had been through similar processes before, said that they found it very challenging and informative.

The Board paper provided new insights that enabled a fresh perspective to be taken about the development and deployment of this population, as well as how to drive career development earlier on in people’s careers.

Kiddy is now partnering with Logica to design and deliver Partner Development Centres across the existing population of Partners.

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