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“Kiddy work in a  genuinely partnering style.”

People Development Director, Jardine Lloyd Thompson



    JLT has worked with Kiddy since 2010 on a number of assessment and talent related projects.

  • Client Needs

    JLT has worked with Kiddy since 2010 on a number of assessment and talent related projects. These have been focused on ensuring a strong cadre of successors is ready to take the business forward to address the challenges in an increasingly competitive market and the pressures brought to bear by the Regulator. Kiddy have been working at both Divisional and Group level.

    The senior high potentials were drawn from businesses across the world including South and North America, Asia and the UK.

  • Our Approach

    We worked with JLT to design a 10 day International Senior Manager Programme (ISMP). This is a combination of Leadership Development and Assessment for Development (A4D). The programme includes a mix of activities such as visiting CEOs from other organisations, speakers on topics such as Boundaryless Leadership and workshops around communicating with impact.

    Kiddy led the two and a half day A4D activity within the programme. We adapted our most senior executive assessment to measure the key elements of the JLT DNA. Prior to attending the ISMP, the participants had completed an in-depth feedback on a series of personality measures and we worked with the JLT team to train some of their senior line managers as assessors.

    The assessment included a number of group exercises that led into individual exercises for the participants. The assessment was built around a business simulation where participants have the role of regional director within a global business. Participants are provided with market, personnel and financial data about their business. They are asked to discuss and then meet with a government minister about an acquisition; one of their under-performing country managers about a commercial opportunity and colleagues to discuss post acquisition integration. The assessment concludes with a strategic review of their business to their boss.

    The Kiddy team worked alongside internal assessors and guided them through the assessment exercises, marking and wash-up processes.We worked with the JLT assessors to agree key strengths and development themes for the individuals and reported back on the bench strength of the group as whole. The JLT team undertook the detailed feedback and development planning.


JLT now have a very clear view on the global strength of the senior leadership group across their business. They are now focusing their activities on ensuring succession strength through both internal development of the ISMP cadre and external resourcing. We are now planning our third year of the programme with JLT.

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