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Deutsche Bank: Enhanced Recruitment

deutsche bank enhanced recruitment with kiddy and partners

“Kiddy is first and foremost a business consultancy – but one with significant HR expertise.”

Head of HR EMEA


    Kiddy help Deutsche Bank define the skills and run key development activities for its COOs and Business Managers.

  • Client Needs

    Deutsche Bank’s Global Markets Division (GM) employed over 200 COOs and Business Managers (BMs) worldwide and it was felt by division leadership that this group was under-performing but they were not clear why. There was also no agreement on what differentiated excellent from average COOs/BMs and evaluation was typically based on commercial results.

    This clearly made the up-skilling of the population difficult. Kiddy were hired to:

    • Define succinctly what skills and capabilities were required for outstanding performance
    • Provide guidance on recruitment, development and talent management
    • Run key development activities

  • Our Approach

    We conducted 20 1:1 and 8 group interviews with key stakeholders in London, NY and Hong Kong to understand exactly what high performing COOs and BMs deliver and the skills and, personal attributes, required for success.

    We then created a clear framework for each role. The frameworks passed the tests set out by the business. They used the language that the COOs and their desk heads use, and emphasised the deliverables and the technical and personal skills required.

    In their world of increasingly constrained risk-weighted assets we established that the key differentiator was the ability to contribute to, not just run a process for developing, business plans and strategy.

    Our frameworks, along with our key recommendations about evaluation, enhanced recruitment, and development priorities and plans were then ‘signed off’ by the divisional COO, and the GM project team.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we then partnered with the Global Head of Strategy and his team to design a ‘How to Develop Business Plans and strategy’ workshop which we co-facilitated with him globally. This ‘course’ received the highest ratings of any course delivered within GM that year.


Following the Kiddy review, the recruitment process for all roles has been radically enhanced, including the use of the framework in all selection processes.

The frameworks are now incorporated into the performance management process. Specific training programmes have been designed to ensure that individuals are developed and measured against the skills and behaviours that will deliver maximum performance.

Note: Deutsche Bank’s Private Wealth Management business heard about the success of this work and engaged Kiddy to improve their Private Banker and Relationship Manager selection processes, initially by defining the skills and capabilities that would differentiate outstanding from average performance in the US.

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