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“Kiddy’s online senior-level assessments are extremely thorough and challenging. The in-depth recommendations Kiddy provide enable us to make very informed decisions, and ones that are consistently proven right!”

President & CEO, Bracco Diagnostics


    Bracco Diagnostic Inc (BDI) is the North American division of an Italian medical business that develops, manufactures and sells the solutions physicians inject into patients undergoing scanning in order to generate effective diagnostic images.

  • Client Needs

    BDI’s market is highly competitive, the health system is complex, constantly changing and highly regulated by the US government, and the product is sophisticated. So, when BDI had to find a new VP Sales it decided that the assessment process would have to
    reflect this demanding environment.

  • Our Approach

    We worked with BDI to define a set of expectations – specific to the VP Sales role – that could be incorporated, alongside our own benchmark leadership competencies, into the day-long business
    simulation which sits at the heart of KaPture. Here, candidates were provided with complex data and an unfolding scenario that required them to both respond ‘on the go’ and produce a strategic
    analysis and action plan to be presented at the end of the day. Meetings with direct reports, customers and external stakeholders – all played by Kiddy’s business psychologists – punctuated the day and, together with extended interviews and selected psychometric
    tests – produced an in-depth analysis of the candidates suitable for the role.


KaPture enabled us to produce in-depth reports on each candidate within 48 hours of the assessments, providing detailed analysis, benchmarking data and clear recommendations for actions should they be appointed into the role.

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