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Cobham: Assessment & Development

cobham assessment and development with kiddy and partners

Kiddy’s work with our global executives has been invaluable.

Pauline Howell, VP Talent & Strategic Staffing, Cobham plc


    Assessment and development is key to any good business strategy. Cobham is global business operating in the aerospace and defence technology sectors. It uses strategic workforce planning to pinpoint the skills and capabilities it needs to develop and deliver the products and services give it a competitive edge.

    In order to identify and develop future leaders at all levels of the business, Cobham has created its Talent Programme.

    Cobham works with recognised experts to deliver the Talent Programme and  Kiddy was selected as its partner for the assessment and development of its senior executives.

  • Client Needs

    Cobham wanted to benchmark the talent that had been identified within the Divisions and select those executives with the most potential to be able to lead the company in the future, as well as support Divisional presidents in complex decision making.

    Their aim was to accelerate the development of those executives, who were typically already running business with turnover of between $100M and $500M.

  • Our Approach

    Before being selected to take part, candidates must be nominated by their Division. They then need to pass one of Kiddy’s bespoke assessment centres.

    Using a relevant and complex business simulation, 360 degree feedback and psychometrics, Kiddy assesses the strengths and development areas of these executives. This is also done in collaboration with Cobham’s VP of Talent and strategic staffing.

    What Happens After the Assessment?

    Some of the candidates are selected for the Senior Development Programme. They go on to take part in the 18 month modular programme that is tailored to reflect the profile of the participants as well as the strategic direction of the business. Others progress to the Divisional High Potential programme.

    All receive in-depth, one-to-one feedback that forms the basis of their personal development plan. A three-way discussion with their line manager makes sure this plan is supported by the business.

    Kiddy then provides regular progress reports to the plc’s Board, benchmarking the leaders against those in comparable organisations and highlighting areas of potential risk.


Increased clarity about the depth of Cobham’s talent has enabled the business to make critical succession decisions across the Divisions.

Targeted assessment and development helps ensure maximum return on investment, whilst creating increased commitment to the business from the executives involved.

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