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‘Kiddy added enormous value. Kiddy’s business simulation enabled us to see how our people would perform in a different environment.’

HR Director


    As part of its strategy for growth, Amlin needed to develop its top 40 leaders as well as identify which of them were best suited to senior leadership roles in the organisation.

  • Client Needs

    Amlin commissioned Kiddy to assess their top 40 managers and identify how they would need to develop in order to be successful in more senior executive roles.

    A significant number of these managers were technical experts with extensive insurance underwriting skills so it was important to identify which people would be most suited to a broader management role. In order to do this, they would need strategic and people management skills beyond the technical knowledge required for underwriting.

    Amlin also wanted a solution with a more commercial approach compared with the more reflective style of previous management development interventions.

  • Our Approach

    Kiddy created a business simulation that gave Amlin’s people the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a senior executive in a firm with similar challenges to those faced by Amlin.

    We took the managers through this individually, in development centres, and as this was first time many had experienced such an intervention, great care was taken regarding initial communication and putting people’s minds at ease.

    Following the assessment, each person met with Amlin’s HR team to create a bespoke development programme, and these are now being actioned.


The majority of the managers found the process stimulating, challenging and enjoyable. Some particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work in a different kind of environment which presented them with a new set of challenges. Each individual got the opportunity to comment on their report and outcomes which provided a basis for their development plan.

Furthermore, this work has provided the opportunity for the Amlin executive team to take a look over the talent across the organisation and use the information it gained to help inform its appointments during a significant restructuring of the business.

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