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A month in the life at Kiddy & Partners

I know it’s a cliché for anyone at work these days to say it is varied but it’s certainly true working as a Principal Consultant at Kiddy & Partners.

I’ve worked in other consultancies and what is different here is the opportunity to manage the variety of things you get involved with and to take ownership for the balance of work you do.

If I were to try and summarise what happens in a typical month it would contain:

Long haul travel to deliver one of a number of international leadership development programmes we have. I typically work on around 5 of these concurrently. The most recent of these was with one of our largest clients. A highly successful FTSE 250 business which has asked us to design and deliver an emerging leaders programme. Over the 3 years planned for the project we will deliver to 250 people in three main hubs, London, US and Asia. These events are typically long but fun days working with a highly talented group of people in interesting locations. Despite time away from my family the benefit is good time spent with my colleagues and time to catch up on reading on the flight over!

When I’m not travelling, the weeks in and around the office, include a multitude of things:

  • Internal meetings on the running of our business and how we can improve our offerings
  • Project meetings
  • Proposal design including rehearsals for bigger pitches
  • Coaching meetings – I typically coach 5-10 people at any time
  • Supervision to support me on the coaching I deliver
  • Importantly, nights out to celebrate team members’ birthdays
  • Breakfast seminars we run for clients and prospects
  • Account meetings and the odd networking lunches

The third strand to my working month is time spent working from home. This often includes a mixture of overseas coaching calls and stakeholder 360 interviews, time to work on design and practice development. It’s also a chance to off-set the carbon emissions of the rest of my travel!

I’ve got to say it is a wonderful mix of work,  in terms of the client type, level of seniority of those we work with and type of work we deliver which is bespoke and delivers to the needs of the client. This variety, alongside an emphasis on the excellence of the work we produce, is exactly what makes my life at Kiddy interesting and rewarding.

Charles Jones
Principal Consultant

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