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Board Effectiveness

Business Psychology

We have worked with the executive committees and top teams of many of the world’s largest companies, as well as many mid-sized businesses.

We have worked with many Excos and senior teams on board effectiveness over the last twenty years, ranging from teams that need to be formed post merger or acquisition, to those that are underperforming, to those that simply wish to be world class.

Our approach is to first establish the fundamental building blocks of team effectiveness, thus shortening the time taken to becoming a high-performing team. This means focusing on priorities, processes and people:

• Clarifying the role and focus of the team
• Aligning priorities for the short, medium and long term
• Ensuring the team’s strategic/tactical balance is right
• Making team meetings and processes highly effective

In addition, we also:

• Ensure constructive team dynamics (unlike other consultants we don’t focus on team dynamics immediately unless they are a significant barrier)
• Assess and benchmark the team compared to leading teams in other businesses
• Act as a ‘sounding board’ for the team leader

Kiddy have helped our senior team make a significant shift in performance and capability.”
Group HR Director, Merlin Entertainments

Kiddy’s work with our UK Board has been invaluable.”

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