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Assessment and Talent Management

assessment and talent management

Simon Brittain discusses Kiddy’s four dimensional approach to assessment.

Assessment and Talent Management

Our Assessment and Talent Management services ensure you identify the right candidate for the role and that talented individuals and teams reach their full potential.


Talent Management


Have you ever interviewed somebody and wondered if they’re just telling you the answers they think you want to hear? We focus on de-risking assessment decisions for our clients.

Assessors at Kiddy have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both business psychology and the commercial reality of work, so are able to interact with candidates on a peer to peer basis. This enables them to ask the right questions and get to the data that others cannot, leading to the best outcomes for our clients.

No two days are the same in business, so that’s why our assessors at Kiddy use a rigorous interview approach, supplemented with business simulations to assess candidates and potential successors. Putting candidates in unfamiliar and stretching environments, we are able to measure their reactions to new or unexpected situations, leading to greater clarity around their strengths and weaknesses.

How we evaluate candidates:

• Observe their behaviour in real situations using business simulations
• Conduct in-depth interviews to understand what and how they have achieved to date
• Emphasise observed behaviours to supplement self-report through psychometrics
• Use our extensive benchmark data to compare candidates with others within the industry and across the whole business community

Our reports are based purely on assessment data, not hypotheses, and provide a valid and reliable assessment of the candidate’s likely performance in the future.

Not all of the assessments were positive assessments – in my view, that has added to the credibility of the exercise. The face validity of the process was very high.”
International HR Director, Rolls-Royce

Talent management

We produce bespoke development plans to close the gap between where individuals are, and where they need to be, both for the organisation and their own aspirations.

We help our clients to:

• Review and improve your current talent management systems
• Develop succession planning processes
• Audit current management teams, offering recommendations to focus development spend
• Develop and support your business processes for managing key talent groups, such as high-potentials and graduates

Realising potential

Identifying key individuals who will grow and lead your business is key. We help to realise their potential by:

• Clarifying their goals and objectives
• Identifying tools to close development gaps
• Stakeholder mapping
• Career coaching

“We chose Kiddy to develop a light touch but powerful succession planning process.”
HR Director, UBM

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