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The assessment experience at Kiddy

Kiddy are renowned for our robust, objective assessments designed to effectively identify strengths and capability gaps. We work closely with our clients to develop the right assessment process for their needs, and typically our assessments fall into one of two broad areas:

Executive Assessments – combining a rigorous approach with our expert insights, we provide clear selection recommendations that eliminate risk from the hiring process of the most senior leaders in an organisation. These assessments are typically in a 2-to-1 assessor-to-candidate ratio, taking place in our offices.

Developmental Assessments – utilising a deep understanding of the key capabilities of successful leaders combined with an objective assessment process, we identify individuals’ strength and development areas to enable organisations to develop their high potential and senior leader populations. These assessments can be delivered in an assessment centre format, or 1-to-1 in our offices, depending on the context for the process.

Before the assessment
Prior to the assessment, participants typically complete carefully-selected online psychometrics e.g. personality and ability tests; sometimes we also conduct a survey-based or narrative 360.

In assessments involving one of our challenging business simulations, participants will also usually receive a short amount of pre-reading a few days in advance of their assessment, to enable them to prepare for the day.

We may also request a career summary or profile, depending on the nature of the assessment.

At the Assessment
Regardless of whether the assessment is in an individual or assessment centre format, participants begin the day by being welcomed and introduced to the assessors and facilitators they will be working with. The format of the assessment is detailed, along with some hints and tips on how to really get the most out of the day.

Typically, the day begins with an interview. For our executive assessments, the interview may last up to 2-3 hours, whereas in developmental assessments this is usually 1 hour long. Participants may meet with Kiddy assessment experts as well as client observers, depending on the exact purpose of the process.

Next, if the assessment involves one of our business simulations, participants will spend the majority of the day working through a comprehensive, detailed pack of materials. This will be interspersed with role-play exercises and presentations with fictitious stakeholders such as clients, direct reports, peers or line managers. Sometimes we also build ‘hot feedback’ into the process, where participants have opportunity to review the exercise with the observer immediately afterwards.

At the end of the day, participants might be required to complete a psychometric ability test. Most of our developmental assessments will conclude by asking participants to reflect on their performance throughout the day, before we thank them for their attendance and formally close the day. The feedback we regularly hear from participants is whilst they find the day challenging and time-pressured, they also enjoy the process and gain real value from the development opportunity.

After the Assessment
Following the assessment, a selection or development report will be written by the lead assessor. For both executive and developmental assessments, our reports provide clear indication of performance at the assessment itself as well as insights to strengths and capability gaps. Selection reports also include a firm recommendation on fit for role, though final decision is always with the organisation. Development reports incorporate suggested actions to address the highlighted capability gaps. Where appropriate, feedback from the psychometrics and/or 360 feedback may also be included.

Usually in developmental assessments, the report will be shared with the participant in advance of a 1-to-1 feedback session with the lead Kiddy assessor; this also may be followed by a development discussion to include the participant’s line manager (and sometimes HR/L&D) to agree a development plan of action. For executive assessments, Kiddy and the client organisation will work closely to identify the most appropriate feedback approach, though typically this is done verbally via a 1-to-1 discussion with the lead Kiddy assessor.

Kiddy also frequently provide group reports or deliver presentations for senior sponsors or Exec teams to provide collective insights when multiple assessments have been conducted. In addition to individual reports, we sometimes prepare executive summary reports for line managers, depending on the context of the assessment.

For developmental assessments, the assessment itself is often followed by other activities to support individuals’ development, such as coaching or development advice, personality feedback workshops, career planning webinars, peer learning groups or leadership programmes.

Online assessments
Sometimes our assessments are delivered using Kiddy’s innovative online assessment platform, KaPture, either remotely, utilising videoconferencing, or face-to-face. In both methods, participants are given opportunity to familiarise themselves with the platform as part of their pre-assessment preparations, by completing a short technical check.

On the assessment day itself, one of our KaPture specialists will always be on hand to answer any questions about the platform, and to ensure the smooth-running of the business simulation, just like at our paper-based assessments. To learn more about our KaPture platform, please click here.

What support is provided?
Support is available from the assessment team throughout the process for both paper-based and online assessments. Irrespective of the purpose of the assessment, participants will always have opportunity to meet with the lead assessor at the start and end of the day to ask any questions or clarify any concerns. On the day, tea/coffee refreshments are provided, as well as a light lunch for our full-day assessments.

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