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Private Equity

Driving value through people for investment firms

Kiddy maximises the performance of your people – individuals, teams, organisations, and Boards.

We have been helping investment businesses solve their most critical people issues for 45 years.

We view the world like you do: a strong commercial orientation, a no-nonsense focus on impact and a sense of urgency.


What our clients say about our work

“Kiddy are first-rate and they’ve been exceptionally helpful to us.”
CEO, KKR Europe

“Kiddy have engaged with our senior leaders highly effectively across all regions and divisions of our business.”
Global HR Director, Macquarie Asset Management

“I’ve worked with Kiddy on the assessment and development of senior people for over 15 years across 3 industries and multiple countries. Their  unique formula is the ability to combine strong technical knowledge with commercial savvy and pragmatism – this is what’s made a real impact on our most senior people”
Global HR Director, NXP (A KKR and Bain Portfolio Company)

“In Care UK the board agreed never to hire anyone at executive level who had not been assessed in depth by Kiddy!”
Group HR Director, Care UK, (a Bridgepoint Portfolio Company)

“Kiddy helped our senior team make a significant shift in performance and capability”
Group HR Director, Merlin (a Blackstone Portfolio Company)

Management Assessment

What we do

  • Management due diligence and post-deal assessment
  • Assessing C-Suite executives for Boards considering changes
  • Assessing high-potentials for development

We use a combination of in-depth role and thesis-specific interviews, psychometrics and stakeholder input where practical. We also have a unique online system that allows robust assessment and development in any location in the world.

We always aim to link our assessments to improving performance. In some situations – eg where there’s a consortium of investors – we are asked to only support the selection decision-making.


  • Assessments for selection and to help drive short term results in a portfolio healthcare business
  • C-suite assessment for two portfolio businesses (Oil & Gas, Insurance) owned by the same firm
  • CEO assessments for inside a PE firm (Regional CEOs) and two of their portfolio CEOs

Why Kiddy

  • Track record and expertise at the top of many leading businesses over 45 years
  • Data on how individuals benchmark vs. peer group companies
  • The commercial experience to differentiate between senior executives and then to help translate insights into real behaviour change and business impact


Proven Impact

Based on over 200 assessments conducted at Exco and Exco Level-1:

How strong a predictor of executives’ behaviour
were the Kiddy assessments?

Have Kiddy’s assessments added signigicant value to your

“The sense of investment, the quality of interactions with the Kiddy team (and team quality!) was recognised by all. The process was seen as robust and the output high quality.”
Financial Services Portfolio Company CEO

ExCo Effectiveness

Our proven approach accelerates leadership teams’ progress towards the investment thesis by focussing on the practical aspects of team effectiveness. We enhance and accelerate role clarity, alignment of priorities, effective processes and sound dynamics – to ensure the team delivers.

Where required we also act as an impartial sounding board to CEOs, and accelerate team formation at the next level down.


  • Improvement in performance of the Executive Board of a leading European Telco business from number four in the market to number one in three years
  • Working with the EU Exco of a leading chemical distributor to turn around the business
  • Helping merge the Executive Boards of two major retail banks, employing over 60,000 people: all growth and synergy targets hit

Why Kiddy

  • A highly practical orientation to team effectiveness, focusing on more than just team dynamics
  • The track record and credibility to challenge – and accelerate – even the most senior teams
  • We drive team alignment with your investment thesis


Organisation Effectiveness

We work with our clients to design and implement the kinds of organisational interventions – in culture, behaviour, strategy, structure, and processes – that will produce the new outcomes they need


  • Redesign of Private Equity fund selection decision-making to improve speed, quality, and outcomes
  • Redesign of organisation structure and risk model to support growth in a Lloyds-based insurer
  • Determining why AuM ramp-up in new RMs was so slow and amending resourcing approach
  • Development of more rigorous processes for managing a specialist business in an international bank

Why Kiddy

  • We bring organisational insights specific to businesses along with relevant behavioural and commercial ideas
  • We understand the multiple demands on senior executives so our solutions are – first and foremost – practical and implementable
  • We are low-profile but high-impact, recognising that clients demand discretion as well as results


Leadership Development

We design bespoke programmes to help senior and hi-potential leaders adapt to changing roles, get aligned to and deliver the business strategy and address live business and organisational issues.

Our approach is to pin down your desired outcomes – both hard and soft – and then tailor a relevant program including (as relevant) bespoke large-group events with leading experts; business projects; sessions with your top executives; individual assessment; coaching; and other means.


  • Developing six high-potential executives in a portfolio company growing at 60% CAGR to equip them for dramatically bigger roles
  • A global programme for a leading defence company that enabled it to successfully run newly acquired £500m+ businesses
  • Developing senior executives at a shipping, engineering and financial services business to align around the business strategy and have the skills to deliver their
    strategic objectives

Why Kiddy

  • We understand the unique leadership challenges of portfolio businesses
  • We make world-class leadership thinking and practices accessible and practical
  • We design programmes fit entirely for a particular business and focus on application, not theory




Our approach to coaching

Our approach is strongly outcome focused, blending coaching and advisory roles to generate maximum impact

  • Kiddy has been coaching senior executives for 40 years. We provide candid and commercially robust support and challenge, which CEOs and top executives need to be more effective.
  • Our senior coaches provide your top executives with:
    • A sounding board and independent view.
    • Help to identify behavior that will enhance strategic and personal effectiveness.
    • Guidance on driving change through their team and business.
    • Ways to overcome personal performance blocks.
  • We provide senior coaches to work with your top executives in a candid, `agenda-free’ and practical way, whilst ensuring absolute confidentiality.
  • Our focus is on being crystal clear about what the client needs to deliver (strategically, commercially and organisationally) and working towards achieving tangible outputs and results.
  • We blend coaching with advisory approaches to provide maximum impact.
  • We don’t follow a prescriptive approach to coaching; each assignment is unique. We spend time getting to know executives, as well as their key stakeholders, and developing a coaching approach that is flexible and meets the challenges of each person. Although each programme is fully tailored, there are some elements in common:
    • Gaining a sound understanding of the business/ operating context and performance/stakeholder expectations.
    • Diagnosing the individual’s strengths and development needs (e.g. 360 degree feedback, psychometrics, observation).
    • Agreeing on a practical and specific action plan, with an understanding of how progress will be tracked and measured.
    • Coaching the individual in 1:1 sessions.
    • ‘Live’ feedback through observations in business situations.
    • Reviewing progress regularly.
    • Ensuring close alignment with critical stakeholders (e.g. CEO/Chairman).


Coaching process

Core elements

  • Initial Chemistry meeting between coach and client.
  • Separate meeting with Chairman/CEO and HR for context to the coaching.
  • Background reading/desk research on business, market and team context.
  • Diagnostic: qualitative 360 feedback process involving the interviewing of key stakeholders selected by the client and agreed with the Chairman/CEO and HR, in order to provide valuable insight into how the leader is perceived in the workplace; feedback is compiled into a non-attributable, themed report and fed back to client.
  • Dedicated 3-way discussions at the outset and end of the coaching engagement: line manager participation and support is a critical element ensuring coaching goals are aligned with those of the business.
  • Development of specific and concrete 90/180-day plan.
  • 1-to-1 sessions 1-2 times per month for 90 minutes for the first 2-3 months; then 60-90 minutes every 4-6 weeks for a further three to four months. Sometimes those meetings are replaced by calls or VCs.
  • Coach is available to client via email without restriction.


Optional Elements

  • Assessment: exploring the client’s strengths, weaknesses, performance history, leadership, technical skills and career path (to date and future). The output is a report describing the leader’s characteristics, job-related strengths, development areas and longer term potential.
  • Psychometrics: there are a number of psychometric tools which could offer additional insight and data to support the coaching, such as MBTI or Hogan.
  • Team/observation: coach to observe the leader in action in a number of key situations. This provides valuable insight in how the individual actually acts in a work context, which is fed into the coaching discussion.
  • Regular feedback loops with Chairman/CEO, HR and/or other key stakeholders.
  • Renewed 360 stakeholder feedback at the end of the coaching assignment to measure progress.

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